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Noise barriers

We create positive experiences and quiet life for our clients, partners, team, and the whole community


Noise barrier solutions
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About us

“Acoustic Road“ is a company, which produces noise barriers, and its main objective is to ensure the most quiet and healthy environment possible for people living nearby or working in companies close to noise sources.

What do we do?

Our experienced team members have been selling and designing noise barriers since 2005. In 2020, the experience and knowledge gained throughout the years and responsible attitude towards their work allowed us to open the noise walls factory and register the “Acoustic Road“ trademark in Lithuania.

We currently produce noise barriers for AB “Lietuvos geležinkeliai“ and our goal is to become leaders in manufacturing noise barriers not only in Lithuania but also in the whole Baltic region.

Our values

It is important to us to have our products manufactured not only according to the highest quality requirements and in a sustainable manner, but also give people an opportunity to live and work even in the noisiest cities and regional areas, by protecting them from noise and ensuring not only good psychological well-being and tranquility but also protection from the negative impact that noise has on their health.

We take care of every client; therefore, we offer an opportunity to purchase our products in segments, starting from 4 m2.

We work professionally, responsibly, and with respect to our clients, partners, employees, and nature.

Our projects

In collaboration with reliable partners, “Acoustic Road“ ensures smooth implementation of the whole process, starting from noise barrier design and production to the assembling. That is why we guarantee the quality not only of every single produced segment but also of their installation.

  • All our projects
  • Noise barriers in settlements
  • Noise barriers near highways
  • Noise barriers near railways


Noise barriers near railways


Noise barriers near railways


    Let’s collaborate

    We can install noise barrier segments starting from 4 m2, therefore, we are ready to fulfill our clients’ orders of various amounts that meet our clients’ needs.

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