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Noise barriers


Noise barriers are produced using wooden chips and a blend of natural minerals, they are ecological and do not harm the environment or plants that grow next to noise barriers.

Noise barriers are durable and resistant to humidity, road salts, car emissions, shocks, and rodents. Their useful life is more than 50 years.

Noise barriers are produced in segments and mounted into sections that are interconnected.

The price of the noise barriers segments starts from € 69/m2 + VAT, depending on the color variant. We accept orders starting from 4 m2.

Noise solutions close to highways, railways, and in settlements

Intensive traffic and train noise, dust, and vibration often become a real challenge to people living and working next to such intensive traffic. Noise and dust, the vibration of passing cars and trains could not only disturb the sleep of people living nearby, but also worsen the quality of life and become the cause of anxiety, stress, illnesses, and their development.

In order to protect people from these negative effects, “Acoustic Road“ offers an easy and safe solution – the installation of ecological, decorative, and durable noise barriers, which absorb dust and vibration.

Installation of noise barriers also contributes to safer traffic. Separating traffic from residential buildings prevents pedestrians from crossing roads and railway tracks at any place, and they are forced to follow road safety requirements and to cross the road only at the place where it is safe. This reduces the incidence rate of road and other accidents.

Design opportunities

A design of noise barriers produced by “Acoustic Road“ is exceptionally attractive because these barriers are aesthetically designed from both sides. The possibilities of noise barriers are extremely wide because designers can use either big systems of assembled panels or separate colorful surfaces of different compositions. Product range gives an opportunity to implement various design ideas by maintaining acoustic and engineering requirements of noisy places, even in combining “Acoustic Road“ noise barriers with transparent inclusive segments to ensure traffic safety close to crossroads or road crossings.


In the implementation of its activities, “Acoustic Road“ seeks to ensure a positive experience for the client during the whole collaboration process, therefore, the company collaborates only with reliable and attentively selected partners.

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We can install noise barrier segments starting from 4 m2, therefore, we are ready to fulfill our clients’ orders of various amounts that meet our clients’ needs.

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